Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I'm sorry & Thank you.

Thank you for leaving me alone when I was sad, crying and dying every minute.

Thank you for never supporting me, never encouraging me. 

Thank you for never appreciating me, and the things I have done for you, for us.

Thank you for taking me for granted.

Thank you for making me feel low often. 

Thank you for never being there, when I needed you the most. 

Thank you for breaking the promises often. And the most biggest promise that you've made.

Thank you for asking me to leave you.

Thank you for all the excuses you've made.

Thank you for saying everything that you've said rudely. And finally, 

Thank you for changing yourself so much that I often wondered, 'Are you really the one who proposed me, who needed me the most, who was once there for me all the time!'

I'm sorry that I care for you so much, I'm sorry that I love you very much.

I'm sorry for forgiving you always. I'm sorry that I accepted you, I'm very sorry that I never had the courage to let you go even when you wanted, sorry for fighting for us, I'm sorry for not giving up long ago, I'm sorry that I always trusted you, I'm sorry for crying hard for you, I'm sorry for the things I have done for you and us. I'm sorry for trying so hard. I'm sorry that I had no strength to leave you though you made me cry often, though you wanted to leave, though you had no courage to fight for us. 

I was there, I was always there for you. I did everything that I could do for you. Never did in my wildest of dreams I thought of hurting you, but you blamed me, you often said I'm the reason behind your anger, frustration and sadness. 

Where are those days gone, my love? 

When you wanted only me, those days when every word I spoke was your favorite, every minute we've got to spend together was appreciated greatly. Those days, when you often reminded me of how much you love me and miss me the most. 

Why did you change yourself so much? 

Was I never there for you? Don't I give you my best? Where did I go wrong?

Oh yes! After all, it was my mistake. Everything was my mistake, I feel. I'm sorry not only for coming into your life, but I wish that I was dead on the day I was born. That's how the people I love the most on this earth made me feel often. But I never expected you to do that to me. I thought you were different, I thought that I'm worth fighting for atleast for you, oh! I'm sorry, I thought you loved me, needed us together and could really stand for us, our promises and the future.

Thank you for giving up on us.


The wrong girl, you met and left.

The one, who was always there. 

The one, who is now dying each second.

Oh yes! Thank you so much and I'm sorry.

Monday, 6 November 2017


The inner space.

A man with the narrower points of view, a woman with the shorter temperaments is busy cursing one other, in the sky high building, on the wider highways they roam but with no deeper feelings. They all spend more but enjoy less. They have the bigger houses but no loved ones. They have more compromises and less time. The one’s who think of gaining the more knowledge of the world but have the less judgment. Some of the people have multiplied the possessions but reduced the values. Some talk pretty much but love only a little, some are having so much of hate in their little hearts. 

Some are having the higher income but fewer morals. The more liberty one got, but the less true joy he experienced. Somewhere next to road, a baby has nothing to eat and someone has too much of food with less nutrition. 
Most of the people in the world have conquered the outer space, but for definitely not their inner space.


Yes, Men cry!
Yes, Men cry!

They feel, they can become emotional and moody, they feel sad, hurt, bad, and worst at times. They are the one who mostly hide, the one who cannot express, some may!
Not every guy is good at lying. May be, the one you will get married too don’t exactly knows how to play with your hair, flirt with you or good at making the first move.
Well, hold his hands and bring his face closer to yours. Say ‘I love you’ to him, surprise him and take him out on a date. Tell him all the scary and beautiful bed time stories, write a beautiful poem for him, prepare a good meal and wear his favorite dress. They’re meant to be loved as well.
Let him know that you love him more than anyone or anything else in the world. Sing his favorite songs, cook his favorite cuisine, hug him from the behind and caress his hair!
Let him see the weirdness which was hidden deep inside you, let him see all the sides of you. The caring, weird and the strong person in you. The baby inside u!
You may hold his hands for a while but do the things that makes your heart hold on to his, forever and thereafter.


The beauty.

You were always so proud about your beauty all this while but did your beauty help you to build the strong bond with your family and friends?
Did it gain you a place in your loved one’s heart? I will tell you what beauty actually is, you know, being born as a girl is a beauty, growing up and getting married is a kind of beauty. When you offer your hand to help someone brings out the beauty that’s inside you,
Always remember, riches are not everything in life, if that is the case
A person, who has so little won’t ever be smiling and stay happy. And those, who has lots of wealth ever finds it difficult to sleep for a while peacefully.
No matter how many riches a person have, sometimes what we seek the most is a place in someone’s heart. The money is needed to run the family but not to ruin and know that it is not only everything.
That person is beautiful; who tries to bring out the best in others. If you don't let others be pushed to the side, it’s beautiful. If you see someone lagging behind, walking beside them is a beautiful thing. If someone is being ignored, taking the step to include them is beautiful. People who always remind others of their worth are the beautiful souls. Knowing that, it hurts when it feels like you're being forgotten and not letting the same to happen for someone is one of the beautiful thing.
Charming is that man, who educated and raised his children in the meagre salary that he earned as a watchman. Beautiful is that girl who always loved you more than you expected, who helps people, who taught you right from the wrong. A mother who bears the child in her womb for nine months and becoming a mother is beauty. That is the real beauty.